​I have been running dogs professionally for almost 30 years.  One of the first things I noticed was the effect it had on my clients.  They all came back refreshed, relaxed la la land. It was lovely but puzzling.  At first, I thought it was just some people but it was everybody.  They might show up stressed from travel, work at home, or being in an unfamiliar situation.

By: Rebecca Barkman

​​They all came back renewed. Ok, I thought, great dog energy, rocking of the sled, rhythym of the dogs, interface with nature......nothing really totally explained it, until I heard a story on npr about how our brains take in information.   It seems our brains aren't really set up to take in information faster than the speed of a walk.  The industrial revolution is only 150 yrs or so old, we have spent most of the rest of the time on this planet just walking around, or riding something that was just walking around.  Still not very fast.  Now, information is bombarding us relentlessly at the speed of light.  We really don't have time to process it.

​This is where the concept of ortho-bionomy comes in. Ortho is a therapeutic body-work process that induces healing by showing the muscles and nerves where the healed place is, where neutral is. Ortho is a gentle physical conversation that heals by slowing things down and letting the body "discover" neutral.  Injuries can be mental and emotional as well as physical.  When we are subjected to relentless trauma, the brain finally loses its ability to recover.  I believe this is ptsd.  I also believe we can heal and reset by moving through nature at the speed of a walk.  It gives the brain time to let go, to find neutral.  When you add the interface with nature, the rhythym and energy of the dogs, I believe  healing can take place. 

​My dream would be to create a workshop that would be in a place with few distractions (Taylor Park), and would include dogsledding, xcountry  skiing, ice fishing, snowshoeing, any activity that is slow.  Add to that body work (ortho, acupuncture, massage), yoga, healthy food, interaction with the dogs (playing , feeding etc), time to talk and tell stories, time to just stop.  I truly believe it would be a life changing experience.​​​​​