​Our tours go out in the mornings. We meet clients at  the trail head at 10​:00, or 9:30 if you want to come early and watch or learn how to harness a dog. If you want to stand on the back of the sled at some point on your ride, we can do that.  If you want to snuggle into the sled and watch the world go by , you can do that.

adults                     $200

​kids (12 and under)  $175

​reservations are required , we do not take reservations by email so call 970-641-1636

new pricing goes into effect Jan 6.

​The Lucky Cat Dog Farm is permitted by the USFS and is an equal opportunity vendor.

​At the Lucky Cat Dog Farm, it is our goal to create for you the authentic dog sledding experience.  Our tours take you to  the back country of Gunnison county. For approximately 2 hrs you are immersed in mountains, dogs, solitude and snow.